> Hi I'm [Spencer Maroukis](https://maroukis.net) , welcome to my working notes 🏄. I'm not sure what brought you here, but it seems like a guide is in order. It's a loosely structured digital garden where you can find my notes on things from [[P44-Circuit-Examples |analog electronic circuits]] to [[221-Modern-Embedded| embedded systems]] to [[_C220-Course - Introduction to Engineering Mechanics - Static Equilibrium (Georgia Tech) ✅ | mechanical engineering statics]] (although it is heavy on the circuits side at the moment). The website is published with [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md), my notetaking software of choice. There's a nav bar at the left and a network graph at the right, or you can get started with the outline below. Want to get in touch with questions or feedback? See <https://maroukis.net/contact> > [!CAUTION]+ These are _in-progress, working_ notes > Since this website is actually generated from a selection of my personal notes, you may find the occasional missing image or link, especially for pages not in a folder. > > There is also no guarantee that these links will persist. ## Courses [[215-LAoE]] - A lab book complement to the classic reference manual on electronics. Documenting all the labs in this project as fodder for the [[P44-Circuit-Examples]] project. [[218-DSP-For-Wireless-Communications]] - an online course taught by Dan Boschen on Digital Signal Processing for wireless communication. A good refresher on Fourier Series and Laplace Transforms that focuses more on the intuitive understanding than just bulldozing over you with the math (but of course the math is also there). [[_C219-Course-Autocad-Electrical-Essentials-Linkedin-Learning ✅]] - Introduction to AutoCAD Electrical software for creating electrical schematics (mainly industrial electronics and power systems), used for creating the diagrams found at <https://maroukis.net/van-schematics> [[_C220-Course - Introduction to Engineering Mechanics - Static Equilibrium (Georgia Tech) ✅]] - I once declared a Mechanical Engineering major before I swiftly switched to Electrical Engineering. I've been interested in re-learning some of the fundamentals, and this Coursera Georgia Tech course is a good starting point. [[221-Modern-Embedded]] - This course by Miro Samek is a great intro to low level machine instructions and the ARM architecture [[222-STM32-HAL]] - Udemy course on writing drivers in STM32s Hardware Abstraction Layer. Useful for beginners or as a reference course for more experienced engineers. [[223-Cornell-ECE-4760-Microcontrollers]] - Cornell's recently updated (2021?) course on digital systems using microcontrollers, now using the RP2040 based RasPi Pico dev board. The instructor Hunter Adams is really good at explaining fundamental details which is great for the newcomer. More advanced students can learn some tricks like Direct Digital Synthesis and more about the RP2040 peripherals. ## Projects See <https://maroukis.net/tag/projects> for most recent projects, but here are a few examples: [USB Cable Tester](https://maroukis.net/usb-sleuth) - PCB and STM32 project to test USB cables for data lines, internal resistors, and more. ![[usb-sleuth-usb3-2.jpeg]] Van Build / Camper Conversion - can be seen at <https://van.maroukis.net> - A 2 year camper van conversion project - everything DIY from electrical to plumbing to a skylight. ![[img-_Start Here (Digital Garden).png]] [[P44-Circuit-Examples]] - A list of basic analog circuit examples with a detailed description as I go through and analyze them from a high level with minimal math to try to get a fundamental understanding of what a circuit does ![[8D02ADE2-0EC1-4C53-9FB0-0ADF8E270C7D_1_105_c.jpeg]]